Welcome to Who Are The Flowers In Your Garden.

Life is very much like a garden – We need to put energy into maintaining our everyday lives.30DayChallenge3

  • How many roles will you play today?
  • Parent, boss, taxi, shoulder-to-cry-on and bottle washer?
  • When did you last take time to nurture yourself?

Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden you are the central tree spreading your branches in the sunshine, appreciating the lovely flowers growing around you.  Using the powerful metaphor of the garden, this little book will help you to get in touch with those feelings.

JuliebackcoversmlAuthor of  ‘Who Are The Flowers In Your Garden’, Julie New invites you to come into the garden, to listen to the inspirational stories she has to tell and to start flourishing personally and professionally.

“I received your book a couple of days ago – thank you so very much for the gift of this incredibly pertinent and thought-provoking book. I shall read and learn from it, and use it to help guide me through this really difficult time, as well as the rest of my life.”

We are more than just the gardeners in our own garden, it is the place where we put down roots, from where we take the nourishment we need to grow and develop and to expand into the sunshine,  You are the tree at the heart of your garden.

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