Together at last

This week I met for lunch with a good flower (friend) in my personal garden (life). The last time I saw her was at the celebration of my husband Rob’s life and prior to that we hadn’t seen each other for a while.

SO, we of course had lots to catch up on.

The most significant thing in her life was the birth of her newest grandchildren. Twins who were born at 24 weeks gestation. Tiny little miracles who arrived on earth much earlier than planned. Born into the protection and care of the hospital team and instead of a warm cosy womb swimming together they were in separate incubators.

My friend described the day she was allowed to see the newest flowers in her garden with tears in her eyes. She said it was so special to finally meet them and to be able to touch their fragile little bodies. Her grandson’s whole hand was so small it couldn’t even grasp the last digit of her little finger.!

This is all very beautiful HOWEVER it was the next part of the story that intrigued me.  After speaking with one of the nurses the parents realised how important developmental care was for their babies .  So after researching methods they made special recordings of their voices reading stories and beautiful tracks of music that would fill the air around where the two tiny babies lay and always in the background was the sound of a heartbeat.  Thus mimicking things they would have heard if they had still been in the womb.

I remember in my time as a Family learning advisor with Dorling Kindersley encouraging Mum’s to read to their babies and I developed ‘books for babies’. I remember twins I met who I introduced to the amazing books produced by DK and at just 6 months old they laughed at the real pictures of animals and listened to the word

Stimulation of ALL the senses is clearly so important and the result is that my friends ‘Grand Twins’ have finally gone home and can now snuggle together. They are not without their individual challenges, HOWEVER with the love and devotion of their wonderful parents and of course the love, energy and support of their wider garden of flowers they will of course individually flourish and grow.


2 thoughts on “Together at last

  1. Oh how lovely! As a sonographer I spent many hours in SCBU scanning neonatal heads, they were so tiny and precious but so responsive to touch. As a prem baby myself, I know that touch is so important. Times have thankfully changed! In the late 60s there wasn’t such importance attached to touch and all the other senses that needed stimulating. Incubators increase the feelings of isolation from the mother and for twins from each other. So pleased to hear that your friend’s Grand Twins are home and catching up on snuggles. The most important thing is the love and devotion of the parents and wider family. Sounds like they have that in bucket loads, how fortunate they are! And a lot can be done for prem babies to assist their immature reflexes if they don’t mature fully. Physical activity is SO important. Do get in touch Julie if your friend would like any advice on this, I can put you in touch with some super people who can help if needs be. Many Thanks 🙂

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