AvaAs many of you will know I’m a bit of an animal lover and interestingly I’ve noticed that twitter AND face book seem to be full of people with all kinds of pets.

The main love does seem to be for dogs. Graham Norton has beautiful dogs he adores and of course the lovely Paul O Grady has part of his radio 2 show dedicated to the loss of a beloved pet along with the other shows he does highlighting the need for rehoming pets that have been abandoned at Battersea. I recently read Claire Balding’s book ‘My animals and other family’. She really made me howl with laughter as she described the various dogs, horses and also she and her brother Andrew’s antics as they grew up. I tweeted Claire one night telling her that she really reminded me of Sophie in the Dick King Smith books he wrote about a little girl who wanted to be a ‘lady farmer’ when she grew up! Her writing style also reminded me of Dick King Smith. She replied ‘thank you!!’. If you have a young reader in the house these books are a good read. So is Claire’s book.

You may recall my blog ‘lucky Becky’. Well I am pleased to report that she is now called Poppy and is in a wonderful home LOVING her life.

This week however I must report on a story that really caught my attention. Little Ava the beautiful, cute and adorable yorkie puppy who ended up in foster care from a doggie rescue sanctuary.

She is apparently the most beautiful pup with one big challenge. If her ear isn’t operated on she will have to be put to sleep. The foster carer adores her and has begun raising funds through cake sales and so on to:


As of yesterday 27% of the money has been raised for Ava to have the £3,000 op she so desperately needs.

My Ben is asleep next to me as I write this and I know how sad I would be if the same thing was happening to him.

If all my followers on twitter and Facebook gave just £1.40 each it would save her life…

‘Can you help?’

Save Ava’s ear?

Click Here

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