To make everyone’s life better

makeeveryoneslifebetterFirstly I need to tell you I gained permission from my client to share the story in this week’s blog.

As I get stronger coaching clients are beginning to appear. It’s always interested me that when I have the time, space and positive energy that always happens. Life simply seems to flow and the same goes for my work.

The client who has appeared this week came to me originally in 2007. She had been encouraged to get in touch with me by a friend. She was going through a particularly challenging time in the relationship with her husband. She was ready to leave.

Early in their relationship she knew they weren’t suitable however, as often is the case we think things will change. We hope the initial throws of passion will return. Unfortunately they have just served to mask the reality that you aren’t a true love match.

She knew even on her wedding day that she wasn’t with someone who would feed her heart and soul. They went on to have 2 beautiful children and she gained her fulfilment in her specialism as a high level doctor in her chosen field.

Through investing in personal coaching she had space to explore who she was. Her value and purpose in the world. She continued to give her time each year to develop services in Africa.

What an amazing and beautiful woman she is…

I am privileged she has allowed me on the journey through life which has included not only her separation and divorce but also the death of her father and at the age of 93 her mother is at the end of her life on this earth and she has recently moved her to a nursing home locally.

Each morning at 7am she joins her mother for a special cup of tea and after long days at work in clinics with patients she goes and tucks her up at night.

The main reason for this blog is however not my client it is WALTER.

Walter is paralysed and lives at the home her mother is in. He makes it his mission to ensure everyone is made to feel welcome, loved and cared about. He has a natural gift of making people laugh and smile.

His own challenges don’t stop him from making a difference and he says it is his duty:

‘To make everyone’s life better…’

Good on you Walt…

Julie’s question of the week:

What are your special gifts?

Here is a video for you …



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