What do you LOVE doing?

sunflower-butterflyA week ago today I buried most of my husband Rob’s ashes. It was a short but poiniant ceremony and his body is now at rest between his beloved Nan and Grandad who he adored.

Since then I have begun to read again. I have been an avid reader of books all my life, however at the most stressful times in my life I seem to stop being able to concentrate on a good book.

At church a couple of months ago a video was shown of Nick Vujicic being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and I was captivated by not only his physical presence but also his overriding positivity and zest for life. We have two very special bookshops in Letchworth Garden City and I was drawn to a basket of books including one by Nick called ‘Life without limits’.

The man I married had to go through a similar grieving process after losing the ability to walk age 32 HOWEVER he managed to overcome this as Nick has through his ability to shine from within whatever the weather.

I was just drawn to read a small but beautiful card from a nurse who played a central role in Rob’s last admission to hospital. She wrote: ‘I wanted to write personally and say how sorry I was at the passing of Rob. I also wanted to say that both individually and together as a couple you are inspiring and strong’.

As Nick says, take a long hard look in the mirror and you WILL see something special if you only believe in YOU.

I remain strong and positive despite the passing of Rob. His dreams remain my aims and I know that one day I will find that true happiness again. It is what he would want for me and I know I have so much love to share with someone special one day.

My first book ‘Who are the flowers in your garden?’ includes Rob’s inspirational story. I look forward to signing copies of it on Tuesday at a special day locally organised for carers. I never saw myself as his carer. Others did. To me he was just perfect.

Julie’s question of the week:

What do you LOVE doing?







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