Did I make you ‘pause for thought’?

The last blog I wrote before my little break in Dorset didn’t actually end up being posted. Instead, it ended up being recorded and sent last minute to Radio 2’s competition they were running for the next voice of ‘Pause for thought’ regularly featured on Vanessa Feltz show.

It has been said of me often that I make people ‘Pause for thought’ in my writing and the words I speak hence being a Relationship and Lifestyle coach. I just seem to find the right words (or rather they find me)!

Here is the transcript of my entry:

‘Pause for thought’ – Julie New

(Good egg with a big heart)!


I have been struggling this week to understand why my emotions have partly wanted me to stand still with my feet firmly in the past and another part pulling me forward, encouraging me to take steps into the world on my own.

 If my husband Rob was here now who died in November he would say to me

“What on earth are you waiting for”?

It is exactly a year since he went into hospital and the septicaemia meant he quickly became confused and vague which was one of the hardest things to cope with.

His mental brilliance and capacity to make one laugh at the most challenging of times was somehow lost in a sea of equipment and a battle that he eventually lost physically.

‘The New Dawn’ garden room was his space. It was somewhere he could just ‘BE…’ That is why on one wall I am having just that word embossed.

“How many of us take time to just BE”?

In the letter he wrote me entitled ‘A New Dawn’ in 2005 he talks of the continual mental and physical struggles he went through after his accident in 1992.

I have now laid his body to rest and I know he is in an amazing place in God’s garden.

The storm is over and he is dancing in heaven’s rain.

I must now do the same. Tiny steps, one foot in front of the other.

Just reading that has made me realise I can finally get off that rollercoaster and stand on solid ground again.

Everything we do is a choice; however God does have a plan for each and every one of us.

“I wonder what’s next”.

 My question to you this week is:

 Did I make you ‘pause for thought’?

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