About Julie

The analogy I describe within ‘Who Are The Flowers In Your Garden’ is a direct result of my own life experience and has not only helped me to heal following difficult times, but it has also helped countless others just like you.

I became a life coach in 2005 following 20 years in nursing and midwifery.  I loved my work, but I just knew I had more to do in the world.

The relationships I have had taken some unexpected twists and turns and truly taught me the importance of healing and forgiveness.

I soon realised that my passion was to help men and woman to thrive, not just survive, following difficult times such as divorce and separation, bereavement and illness.  In some cases, it was simply to help them to reach their full potential and live a healthy, happy and balanced life.  It was important to me that I worked with individuals on a personal level rather than through a corporate work environment.

Those clients who sought my help were truly ready to make changes and ready to move forward.

After a couple of years it seemed like the right time to invest in creating a logo and give what I did some kind of identity.

It was then that the Sunflower logo was created.  It is a vibrant orange colour, full of life, and it set me thinking … And so ‘Who Are The Flowers In Your Garden’ was created.

‘Who Are The Flowers In Your Garden’ is dedicated to my husband Rob, and the most special flowers in my life – My daughters Amy and Polly.

You can also find me in my Garden here:

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