Who is special to you?

Yet again I got quite nervous and didn’t prepare till the last minute for an event I was taking part in this week. On this occasion I was correct to be nervous as the venue I was attending held very significant memories for me AND the event was specifically aimed at celebrating and supporting carers in our locality. I never saw […]

To make everyone’s life better

Firstly I need to tell you I gained permission from my client to share the story in this week’s blog. As I get stronger coaching clients are beginning to appear. It’s always interested me that when I have the time, space and positive energy that always happens. Life simply seems to flow and the same […]

Who inspires YOU?

Yesterday I checked my emails first thing and one of them immediately caught my eye as it was from someone I had met almost a year ago. As I read it I couldn’t help but cry with happy tears. The email had come as a response to an invite I sent last week to special […]


This week I am back in the land of the living after 2 weeks away and a week recovering from jetlag!! I was at church this morning and the focus was on gratitude. It was agreed that having an attitude of gratitude is good for our health as is looking at life as being a […]

Lucky Becky!

This week has taught me that things are not always what they seem and it’s good to go with the flow. On Friday I was due to be going to a party in London with my sister. As the week went on she became poorly and as she was in Dorset on holiday the sensible […]

Coming back to Life

Since my husband Rob passed away in November I have gradually been regaining my strength. Coming back to life again like the snowdrops in my garden. So last week hit me like a bit of a ton of bricks and caught me unawares. Everywhere I looked I saw cards in shops with messages of love. […]

Do you want more flowers in your garden?

Well it’s the very start of 2013 and on Sunday I took my two daughters Amy (20) and Polly (16) to see some very special flowers (friends). I almost said ‘old flowers’ but I think they may feel a bit upset about being called ‘Old’!! These friends have always been in the girls lives and […]

Relationships can appear when we least expect them!

I finished reading a book last night. It’s called ‘A street cat named Bob’. I bought a paperback copy from the hospital shop while my husband Rob recently. The book is a true story written by James Bowen who lived for many years on the streets of London. I actually met James and Bob in […]