Who is special to you?

Yet again I got quite nervous and didn’t prepare till the last minute for an event I was taking part in this week. On this occasion I was correct to be nervous as the venue I was attending held very significant memories for me AND the event was specifically aimed at celebrating and supporting carers in our locality. I never saw […]

To make everyone’s life better

Firstly I need to tell you I gained permission from my client to share the story in this week’s blog. As I get stronger coaching clients are beginning to appear. It’s always interested me that when I have the time, space and positive energy that always happens. Life simply seems to flow and the same […]


This week I am back in the land of the living after 2 weeks away and a week recovering from jetlag!! I was at church this morning and the focus was on gratitude. It was agreed that having an attitude of gratitude is good for our health as is looking at life as being a […]

Coming back to Life

Since my husband Rob passed away in November I have gradually been regaining my strength. Coming back to life again like the snowdrops in my garden. So last week hit me like a bit of a ton of bricks and caught me unawares. Everywhere I looked I saw cards in shops with messages of love. […]

Room with a view!

On Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a ‘big’ Birthday celebration in London. I had only met the Lovely Birthday girl once and due to recent events in my own life I thought more than once about whether it was the right thing to do. My sister was very persuasive and said as we hadn’t […]